3 Reasons to Conduct Early HVAC Maintenance

3 Reasons to Conduct Early HVAC Maintenance

Before going on a road trip, you probably get your car serviced to ensure that the engine is in working order. Similarly, before the demands of the summer or winter seasons, you should have your HVAC system checked. Like changing the oil in your car and rotating the tires, preventative HVAC maintenance will ensure that your system can withstand the stresses of operation.

Throughout the year, most homeowners change air filters regularly and trim shrubs away from outside units. These tasks are essential for normal HVAC function throughout the year. However, before the cooling and heating seasons, you’ll want to have your equipment checked to address any problems that could interfere with operation. Like your car, you want your HVAC equipment to operate reliably when you need it.

Even though many people see the benefit of routine vehicle service, they don’t invest nearly the same amount of attention in their HVAC maintenance. Unfortunately, neglecting your heating and cooling system can lead to inefficiencies, costly repairs, and premature system failures. To give yourself time to correct any problems or concerns, you’ll want to have early HVAC maintenance completed before the season’s change. Let’s take a look at some reasons to conduct HVAC maintenance early.

1. HVAC maintenance can lead to fewer system issues.


Just like regular service for your car can prevent major issues, HVAC service can also catch potential problems. Over the course of the year, your equipment can succumb to the stresses of changes in season and temperature. Your equipment might develop minor cracks, leaks, or worn components. Initially, these problems might not stop your system from working. With time, however, smaller issues could turn into bigger problems. Major malfunctions and failures could leave you with very costly repairs. To head off any problems before the heating or cooling seasons begin, you can schedule annual maintenance with a professional technician.

2. Routine HVAC service can improve energy efficiency.


Your HVAC system is one of the biggest energy consumers in your home. Most systems account for half of all homeowners’ energy costs. As a result, you’ll want to ensure that your system is running as efficiently as possible. Minor mechanical issues and dirty equipment can lead to system slowdowns, and that could produce poor airflow and higher energy bills. When you schedule routine maintenance, a technician will inspect and clean your system as well as repair any small issues. Professional HVAC maintenance early in the season will ensure that your system runs efficiently all winter and summer long.

3. Conducting HVAC maintenance can address safety issues.

Just like normal wear and tear can lead to a few mechanical issues, regular use can also create safety concerns with your equipment. Loose wiring connections, frayed wires, or cracks in your heat exchanger could all lead to safety concerns. Wiring problems could create a fire hazard that could threaten your home if left unresolved. Additionally, a cracked heat exchanger could create combustion issues that cause carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless and can go undetected. If not addressed, a build-up of carbon monoxide inside your home could lead to serious health consequences.

Why do auto manufacturers recommend that drivers get regular oil changes and tune-ups? These services help prevent major problems that can lead to engine failure. For those same reasons, HVAC equipment makers also suggest routine maintenance at regular intervals. Before the rigors of summer and winter place heavy demand on your HVAC system, you’ll want to have a professional technician inspect and service your equipment. HVAC maintenance early in the season will ensure that your equipment is ready to deliver comfortable airflow year-round.