5 Tips To Remember When Staging Your Home

5 Tips To Remember When Staging Your Home

For homeowners putting their house on the real estate market, the list of important preliminary tasks can seem intimidating. This is especially true when it comes to finding a buyer. One of the most popular ways of attracting potential buyers is to stage an open house event. By inviting visitors to see the house firsthand, sellers have the unique opportunity to emphasize some of the home’s best qualities. They can also greatly improve their chances of a successful sale.

If you’re considering staging your own open house event, the good news is that the experience can actually be creative and fun! Here, we will look at five tips for hosting a successful home staging.

1. The Appearance of a New Home


The first thing to remember when preparing to stage your home is that a potential buyer will be imagining their own family within that household. With this in mind, it may be a good idea to allocate the event’s refreshments and information table to one small area of your house, leaving the rest of the space clean and vacant. One of the benefits of staging a home is demonstrating its spaciousness, and making room for a potential buyer’s imagination to run free is a perfect way to accomplish that goal.

2. Your Online Presence

Although staging an open house has long been a popular way of attracting buyers, the latest technology of cost-efficient video production has made the job easier. With social media platforms as a free means of outreach and advertising, hiring a full-service video production company to help you prepare for the open house can attract more visitors than you imagined possible. Aside from basic high-quality videos, professional video production services can add motion graphics and animation. In addition, you can even stream a real-time live event of the staging. This can give you the opportunity to give a virtual tour of the home and even allow potential buyers to contact you without attending the open house.

3. Considering Each Visitor’s Entire Family

Keep in mind that an entire family will be moving into your house. For great results at your staging, consider all of the potential buyers’ family members during the event. For example, having snacks for children or even toys and party favors can make the youngest visitors feel at home. In addition, try to have your whole family make contributions to the staging. You can even have your own family’s individual members give small tours of their own rooms, which can do a great job of making your staging personal and fun for everyone involved.

4. A Storage Unit for Extra Space


There’s a lot to be said for presenting your home as clean and “new” as possible. The best way to declutter your home before the staging may-be by renting an off-site storage unit. By having an extra space nearby for all of your belongings, your home will be as clean as possible, and when moving day arrives, you’ll already be partially packed. This can shift the focus toward your home’s natural curb appeal and size.

5. The “VIP” Staging Event

Want to take your home staging to the next level? Remember that every visitor and potential buyer will be filled with excitement the first time they see your house. After all, they may have years of new memories within those walls. This is especially true for first-time homeowners. Try to utilize an online presence to emphasize the festivities attached to the staging. Don’t be afraid to share fun stories about your own memories of the house, the holidays that you’ve celebrated there, and any special events that can inspire your own creativity.