A Week in Dallas on a $60,000 Salary

A Week in Dallas on a $60,000 Salary

Welcome to Spending Notes, where we do a weekly deep dive into how our readers spend their cash.

Today: A recruiter who makes $60,000 per year

Occupation: Recruiter

Age: 26

Location: Dallas, TX

Salary: $60,000

Day 1


First Monday back after a weekend trip away is always a bit tricky. At least I work from home, so I get the opportunity to sleep in a little bit. It was super fun to spend the weekend away traveling in my RV. Dallas can be so full of hustle and bustle, so it was nice to get away for some camping. However, I did hit a small pothole on the way back, so I took the van in to get checked. There’s a great place for RV repair in Dallas that I usually go to. I even go there for routine maintenance because they are some of the best service technicians I’ve met. So kind, and they have years of experience. Hopefully they’ll be able to get the RV repair all set quickly and without too high of a cost. After the weekend, it was otherwise a quiet day. I cooked dinner and went straight to sleep!

Total: $0

Day 2


I decided to get up and about to help motivate my work today. Went to a coffee shop for breakfast and some coffee and worked there answering emails. I got to pick up the RV later in the afternoon. Wasn’t too high of a bill. Just some routine maintenance and a brief check.

Total: $147

Day 3


Today was a fun day. Worked from home all day and then decided to host some friends for weekly game night. I decided to try out a new cocktail, which was fun. My boyfriend gave me an exciting home ice machine that I can keep right on my countertop, so I had a lot of ice for our little get-together. It was a potluck situation, so everyone brought enough food. I just provided the drinks, which were super yummy. Thank goodness for friends and fun nights.

Total: $32

Day 4


I started to realize how low I was running on groceries today, so I went out and got some on my lunch break. Wasn’t a huge haul, just enough to get me through the weekend. Other than that, just another day spending a lot of time making calls to potential employees. Ah, the life of a recruiter.

Total: $51

Day 5


Thank goodness it’s Friday! I had my meeting with my boss and CEO today, and he seems pretty pleased with the work I’ve been doing. Decided to treat myself to a drink after work, then I went to a movie. After a busy week, it was really nice to just chill out for a while.

Total: $22

Day 6


My sister and I planned a fun day out this Saturday. We ended up going out to the new axe-throwing place we’ve been wanting to check out. We then had an early dinner. Afterward, she came back to my place, and we chilled and had a wine night. It was great to catch up on the family gossip and hear all about her future plans. After talking to people I don’t know at all throughout the week, it was nice to unwind with someone I know so well.

Total: $52

Day 7


Sundays are usually my days where I get everything together for the week. I got up, walked the dog, cooked some breakfast, and got to work. It was laundry day, which was my excuse to stay in my sweatpants all day. I enjoyed the calmness as I prepped for another busy workweek.

Total: $0

Weekly Total: $304