Convenient Ideas for a Magical Christmas

Convenient Ideas for a Magical Christmas

It’s Christmas eve, and this holiday season there’s a faint smell of gingerbread and Douglas fir in your house, Christmas decorations everywhere, a wreath on the door, and Christmas lights hanging from the roof. It’s exactly what you think Christmas should be like, but something is missing: your Christmas lights on your Christmas tree are slowly burning out! Your kids are becoming skeptical of Santa Claus’s existence, and the magic is slowly fading from Christmas eve.

If you’re looking to bring the magic back to your Christmas, you haven’t exhausted your options. There are plenty of convenient ways for you to have a magical Christmas. Just don’t stop looking for new ways to make the holidays special and unique for your family.

Get the perfect outfit.


The perfect outfit will bring the magic back to any holiday, and Christmas is no acception. However, if you’re a petite woman you may have struggled in the past to find clothing that properly fit your body type and petite size. Luckily, there are clothing retailers like Chico’s that sell petite clothing for women at prices that everyone can afford.

Petite women’s clothing with the right fit is hard to come by, so if you, your wife, or a family member are petite women then you should consider getting them clothing in a petite size for Christmas. You could also ask Santa Claus to bring them some petite clothing to put under the tree if they’re on the nice list. Petite dresses, skirts, belts, jackets, jewelry, and even leggings would make the perfect gift for your petite lady to add to their wardrobe this holiday season. These gifts will mean so much more than candles or gift cards and will really help bring the holiday spirit.

Take your family ice skating.


If your family isn’t feeling the holiday spirit this season and the twinkle lights just aren’t doing the trick, you might want to try ice skating with your family. Almost everyone knows that stress doesn’t go away during the holidays and ice skating can be a great way to relieve the stress that can’t be stopped by holiday cheer alone.

Ice skating lets you forget your worries for a while, skating can help you feel confident, and skating can help you find the joy that might be missing. Ice skating is said to be able to give you that much-needed boost, and while it’s not going to change your life instantly the improvements of starting as a family of beginner skaters to gliding gracefully along the ice as you learn together is certainly a bonding experience for families.

Get some fresh decorations.


Decorating in time for Christmas can be pretty tricky if you’re not up for the task, but with a little determination you can achieve the best holiday decor for your home. The planning should start well in advance, starting as soon as right after Halloween because there are so many things to do in anticipation of the holiday season.

A word of advice: take stock of your inventory well ahead of time. Take out your decorations and go through what you want to use and what you’d like to get rid of or replace. Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to create your decor budget. When you plan ahead like this, you’re less likely to go overboard with your spending before you even buy gifts for everyone.

Before you start decorating the inside of your home, be sure you take advantage of the nice weather you may have during the last few days of fall to put up all your outdoor decorations, especially if you live in a colder climate. Map out your Christmas lights ahead of time, and consider using light timers so the lights are only being used during the darkest hours to help you save both energy and money. Once you’re done with the outside of your house, it’s time to deep clean the inside of your home before you start decorating. This will allow you to get super cozy and really enjoy the decorations and feel the holiday spirit.

Bring in the big guy himself.


If your children are having doubts, don’t have your husband dress up in a Santa suit – your kids will know immediately. That’s why you should hire a professional Santa Claus this holiday season. When you have a relative or friend dress up as Santa to entertain the children for Christmas, you run the risk of the kids realizing who they are. Nothing destroys the magic of the season like a child realizing that their dad is behind the noticeably fake beard. A professional Santa will be someone your kids have never seen, so you can keep Santa’s magic and keep that magical Christmas feel alive for the whole family.

A professional Santa will keep the magic going during your Christmas party, just like when you take your children to see Santa Claus at the mall. Of course we can’t get the real authentic Santa Claus to come visit your family—he’s busy delivering presents to children all over the world! Make sure you get the best Santa, someone who has gone to Santa school and has a real beard. Just do the right thing and give your Christmas the magic that is missing by hiring a professional Santa this year.

Consider a vacation.


The magic might be missing simply because you might need to change things up a little bit for your family. Traditions are great and should be of utmost importance, but it’s okay to break with tradition every once in a while. In honor of the Christmas spirit your family is craving, plan your stay somewhere special and travel some place out of the ordinary.

Consider looking into a place where your family can ski, and maybe even ice skate! If that is what you decide on, make sure to get lift tickets in advance so you don’t have to stress over that during the trip. You’re family will have a lot of fun together, but of course you’ll have to be mindful of the spread of COVID-19 and will therefore want to plan socially distanced activities. Lucky for you, skiing can be a very socially distanced activity.

If your holidays are lacking that magical feel of the Christmas spirit that is expected from the holiday season this year, consider these options to help bring the magic back to your family’s Christmas.