How Can You Stay Healthy and Happy This Summer?

How Can You Stay Healthy and Happy This Summer?

Many people view summer as the best season for outdoor activities and staying busy with friends and family. During summer, kids are out of school, and the weather is beautiful, so many people seize the opportunity to spend quality time with family and get active! However, it can be challenging to enjoy all the great things that summer has to offer if you are not feeling your best.

Often, when we’re busy, self-care measures get put on the backburner. You may feel the effects of a lowered immune system, fatigue, or dehydration as a result of a busy summer lifestyle. Thankfully, there are some simple ways to ensure you feel your best, inside and out this summer.

Allergies got you down?


When people think of allergy season, they often think of spring. Pollen, weeds, and other outdoor irritants are common triggers for those who suffer from allergy symptoms. Grass pollen levels are actually moderate to high throughout the summer months.

Ragweed, a prevalent cause of allergy issues, begins to bloom in late July to early August. It can help to shower and change clothes after you’ve enjoyed some time outside to help prevent carrying these particles into your home. What about the airborne allergens that are already inside with you, like dust mites?

An excellent way to get a handle on your allergy symptoms is to allergy proof your HVAC system this summer. Your indoor air quality plays a significant role in your respiratory and sinus conditions. Suppose you or someone in your home suffers from allergy symptoms or a chronic breathing disability like asthma. In that case, the presence of pet dander, mildew, or even mold growth within your ducts could be exacerbating it. Like Davis Air Conditioning and Heating, some HVAC service companies can help you build a comprehensive strategy to eliminate airborne toxins and ductwork contaminants.

Drink more water.


The benefits of drinking water are boundless, and most people know about them all. It is crucial to maintain adequate hydration levels in the summer since you are likely to sweat more due to the increased temperature.

For those who live in scorching and humid environments, your body has to work exceptionally hard to keep you cool. Drinking water can also help your muscles perform better. If you like to indulge in outdoor activities like hiking or swimming, it can be beneficial to your endurance to consume more water than usual.

Take time for yourself!


When our schedule is packed with outings, activities, and time with loved ones, it’s easy to forget to take time to relax. Okay, so lying by the pool may seem pretty relaxing already, but it can be draining to be on go mode for a few months in a row.

Center yourself by taking a few moments to take deep breaths or meditate at least once a day. Before bed, it can help you obtain a more restful sleep if you put your phone away and relax with your eyes closed. Warm baths, face masks, or other forms of self-care can also help you stay energized and avoid burnout or stress associated with overactivity.

Summer plans are essential, but so is staying healthy and happy year-round! It’s tough to enjoy the great outdoors with watery eyes or congestion. Forgetting to drink water can make you feel sluggish and sick, especially when subjecting yourself to high temperatures or vigorous activities. Be mindful of your health and take steps to care for your body. The better you feel inside, the more fun you’ll be able to have when you venture outside. Stay hydrated, wear plenty of sunscreens, and have a happy summer!