Inspiration for Your Next Bubble Bath

Inspiration for Your Next Bubble Bath

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a warm, luxurious bubble bath after a stressful day. For centuries, bubble baths have been used as an easy way to help your body heal. Being able to lie in a tub while in a relaxed atmosphere is a joy. The hot water works to help you wind down and help your muscles to relax by stimulating blood flow throughout your body, making you almost feel like a gummy bear. Below are just a few creative ways you can enjoy a bubble bath.

Take a Chill Pill

If you are looking for a unique bath that may be able to help with various health problems, look no further, as a CBD product could be the special ingredient you are looking for. There are all types of products you can try, including CBD gummies or a CBD bath bomb. The gluten-free, vegan gummies can help you feel at ease, and a CBD bath bomb can even help moisturize your skin. There is a range of different types of CBD, essential oils, and fragrances on the market that have 0.0% THC. Each bath bomb is derived from hemp oil and mixed with ingredients like baking soda and citric acid to create a fizzy effect.

CBD products and cannabinoid supplements like CBD bath bombs are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States, which is why it’s important to do your research and ask your doctor before trying out these products.

Sit or Stand?

With all the talk about sitting in a bath, it may have slipped your mind to think about researching luxury walk in tubs. These types of tubs are perfect for disabled or elderly individuals who need assistance getting into a tub but still want their independence. A walk-in tub can also be a good idea if you have children who always like to climb over the side during bath time. The possible side effects can make your child actually want to take a bath.

If you are trying to find inspiration for your next bathtime with the kids, why not try a Princess and the Frog theme? Kids will be having so much fun, they won’t even notice that they are relaxing. You can get really creative and even try to use small items to create different settings, like a pond made of rubber frogs and ducks, fake flowers, smooth rocks, and blue food coloring in the water. Instead of reading Charlotte’s Web, you can have storytime in the bathtub.

Embrace the Moon

No, we don’t mean as a werewolf but rather as a moon lover. One of the more inspirational baths can help with insomnia in addition to aiding your bloodstream. The goddess bath occurs when a woman takes a dip under a full or new moon. The reason behind bathing in the moonlight is to celebrate the moon’s cycles. The idea is to connect with nature and our emotions on a deeper level. A bath ritual like this is quite personal and will often use essential oils, with natural ingredients like turmeric or raspberry mixed in.

Since we know the moon controls the tides in our oceans, many bath takers believe that since we are made up of 60 percent water, the lunar powers can also influence us. This bath is meant to leave you feeling incredible and confident while also finding inner peace. The goal is to cleanse yourself thoroughly, spiritually, and physically.

Winter is right around the corner, making it the perfect time to try a bit of self-indulged opulence. A warm bath can help to elevate your mood and sleep. Partaking in a warm bath not only burns calories but can also keep your heart healthy. So, whatever type of bath you choose, all you have to do is lie back and relax.