Job Opportunities and Ideas for Different Types of People

Job Opportunities and Ideas for Different Types of People

Choosing your career can be a huge decision. You are trying to figure out what you’ll be doing every day you wake up for the rest of your life. While your job doesn’t define you, it is still a huge aspect of your overall day-to-day. It helps to know that you have options. There are literally hundreds of occupations out there, you just need to find a perfect fit that can bring you some happiness and fulfillment.

A great way to find the perfect career is to understand yourself and your own strengths. You want a job that fits your personality. For example, you wouldn’t necessarily want to be a teacher if you don’t like kids or if speaking in front of a crowd is terrifying for you. Different types of people will fit different jobs. Be realistic about your own personality, because that will help you find the perfect career. Here are a few different ideas for different personality types that you may enjoy exploring.

For People Who Love to Live on the Edge


Maybe you like to live on the edge and try dangerous things. If you are interested in more risky careers, there are definitely some pros and cons to following that path. There are many different dangerous jobs that may help you scratch that itch. Some examples of these careers include professionals who work as truck drivers, police officers, tractor operators, manufacturers who operate heavy equipment, agricultural managers, ranchers, roofers, aircraft pilots, delivery drivers, and construction workers, just to name a few.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics comes up with this list by evaluating fatalities and injury rates. Luckily, a lot of these jobs have extra benefits and protection in case of a fatal injury. All these dangerous occupations come with a little bit of risk, so they can be good options if you like that kind of energy. Of course, OSHA will help make sure you have the additional training in safety for each project and pathway you may pursue.

For People Who Like Working With Their Hands

When you hear about the corporate world and full-time occupations, you usually hear about normal nine to five jobs where you’ll be stuck behind a desk. However, there are so many other professions where you get to work with your hands. If you know you want to be active with your career, look for opportunities to get in there and try something new. This can include a wide range of occupations.

Try out different power tools and electrical systems as a construction worker. Fix up cars and other diesel technology with an associate degree from an Automotive and Diesel Technology program. You may even go the complete other direction and work more closely with people than machines. Maybe you love animals and want to work each day grooming people’s pets.

Or, you may look into a cosmetology program so you can work as a cosmetologist and get to know your customers during their hair and nail appointments. Settling into a career does not mean you have to be stuck behind a desk. Look for ways to switch up your schedule and work with your hands in fulfilling ways.

For Tech-Savvy Individuals


The digital age is upon us and has had a tremendous impact on the different occupations throughout the world. With so many jobs in information technology, this is a great area for people with the technical skills to understand and control computers. There are so many options for career advancement as the internet continues to expand. Enter a computer support specialist program to see if this line of work is right for you.

When you understand computers and have communication skills in that realm, you’ll be sought after to help with a number of different companies and organizations. Look for jobs building computers or helping to develop new software. Jobs in IT are numerous and this can be a good way for you to flex your brain and learn about new methodologies.

For Individuals Who Enjoy the Medical Field

It takes a special kind of person to work within the medical field. If you have an interest in the human body and you want to help people, you may want to look into these kinds of careers. You’ll need a certain level of intelligence and dedication to pursue a path as a nurse or doctor. However, there are also careers in the medical field that require less schooling.

Join a medical assistant training program to learn how to be a medical administrative assistant. Become a full-time worker in the healthcare industry in so many different ways than just going to medical school. These administrative assistants and secretaries keep hospitals and medical offices running by reading diagnostics, aiding specialty doctors, and organizing different areas of the healthcare industry. There are so many different career options if you’re interested in working in the medical field.

For The Extrovert or the People-Person


There are two groups of people in the world: introverts and extroverts. It helps to know which one you are as you look for the perfect education programs and future careers. Introverts may look for something a bit quieter where you can work on your own, whereas extroverts will want more human interaction in their day-to-day.

If you’re a people person, you’ll want to look for jobs or entry-level positions where you get to be around people. Cosmetologists, teachers, servers, event planners, entertainers, politicians, social workers, and salespeople are some great examples of professionals who may be a bit more extroverted. Know your comfort level and interest in interacting with a lot of people before you commit to a career.

For Creatives Who Want to Make Something New

Creative people have a number of options for great careers. If you are artistic or like to build things, you don’t have to stifle that creativity and settle for a desk job. Look for careers in acting, art, makeup design, graphic design, tattooing, writing, marketing, and more. Enjoy the power and potential to create something new that no one has seen before.