Types of Content That Will Get You Followers

Types of Content That Will Get You Followers

Social media is open to everyone, but there are some rules to the game that can help a small business improve social media growth without fake followers. These tools may vary from one social media platform to another, with a brand’s marketing strategy also playing a part. But the good thing is that followers, regardless of target audience differences, always follow value. Platforms with the insights to create value-mongering content can generate significant levels of brand awareness and relevance. On that note, here are a few types of content that can help you grow your followers.

Zodiac Signs


Social media is a virtual world managed by real people who have interests and common traits. Often, the first step to scaling as a creator is to identify creative touchpoints that appeal to the specific characteristics of audience demographics. Zodiac signs can apply to every social media user, from a big celebrity like Will Smith to your little cousin who has only begun to enjoy a good spotlight on social media.

Will Smith is a top Libra, by the way. In astrology, Libras belong to the air element along with Gemini and Aquarius. By talking about Will Smith and Libra, you open two doors where all Libras can relate, engage with your content, and follow your brand. Another benefit of using horoscopes to rope in followers is the limitlessness of content points.

You can talk about everything from compatible signs to what distinct traits of different signs mean for a first date, emotional connection, or sex life. For instance, a Virgo’s attention to detail will likely work well with a Leo partner. Creating content about this Virgo and Leo compatibility can be a great way to provide value for all Leos and Virgos. And you can increase your follower growth one Leo or Virgo at a time.

Influencer-Partnered Content

Influencer marketing has grown tremendously in recent years. These days, about 70 percent of young social media users trust top influencers than they do large brands. So, imagine the number of followers the right influencer can bring to your startup. But how do you zero in on the right one? There are a lot of influencers on the market today, numbering over 37 million across the top social platforms.

Dealing with a micro influencer platform can be the best way and the right direction to take in onboarding the right influencers for your brand. First, get a list of influencer marketers and measure their results against your brand values and influencer campaign goals. Using an influencer’s follower count as the only thing to onboard social media influencers can be problematic. Ensure to check the influencer’s analytics for metrics like engagement rate, strong work ethic, and whether they have any custom hashtags.

Additionally, to attract upcoming, smaller influencers to your circle, you can also offer free product giveaways or incentives to their viewers. That way, every customer becomes a brand ambassador that can help bring in followers and take your business to the next level.



Good influencers know how to inspire their followers. Inspirational quotes can be the best way to keep a steady follower growth.

While some quotes are general, others can be more streamlined to a specific niche, so you always have several options. Even if you outsource your social media content to a micro-influencer platform, quotes can complement the work of your contracted influencers.


Shared experiences connect people faster. That’s why many business experts advise businesses to build communities for users to trade experiences about flaws and good moments with a particular product or service. Even accounts with smaller followings saying good things about your brand can significantly impact any audience size. Getting your customers to share testimonials about your brand’s product can provide better results and return on investment (ROI) benefits than any type of content can.