Unique Gift Ideas for Your Family and Friends

Unique Gift Ideas for Your Family and Friends

Coming up with unique gift ideas for friends and family in a time when it’s more difficult than usual to shop or browse in brick-and-mortar stores can be tricky. The great news is that the global market has made it easier than ever to order gifts online for nearly every niche and interest area.

Suppose you love someone but aren’t sure what to buy them for a special occasion that’s coming up or even a simple “just because” present, the best thing to do is consider their personal interests and get to the web for some Google searching. A few unique gift ideas across multiple industries that can easily be purchased online in the middle of a global pandemic are read on.

Trendy Beauty Products


Confidence is important, and for those who love the fashion and beauty industries, there’s never been a more exciting time to play with unique and innovative beauty products. Magnetic lashes, a magnetic liner, and dolor palettes in every shade are becoming more popular with make-up wearers of all ages. If you have someone on your list who enjoys playing with their look, the perfect gift accessories could be a new pair of magnetic falsies or even shades that highlight the lash line. Even beauty beginners would enjoy any of the latest trends in magnetic eyelashes, gel nail polishes, or ring lights with multiple setting options to show off their best look.

Maybe you know someone who hopes to become a social media influencer or enjoys posting selfies on their Instagram account. For someone who enjoys tagging friends to point out the latest beauty products and gadgets, a gift card to their favorite beauty shop might work, too. The idea is that if you have someone on your list who enjoys beauty or fashion, you’ll be giving them the gift of not only a tool to help them play with their look but of self-confidence as well.

Treats for Pets


When shopping for gifts for your family, make sure to remember their pets, too. Most pet owners think of their fur babies as members of the family, so adding their furry friend to your gift list will actually make the gift receiver more grateful! Like with the beauty industry, the pet market is no different when it comes to unique choices. From a personalized, custom dog collar in any color of the rainbow to a snug-fit harness with a matching leash, your friend’s pooch can be sporting not only a nameplate but comfortable new walking accessories. Ordering pet products online is as simple as measuring the dog’s neck for the perfect fit.

For cat owners, don’t forget about the catnip. Smaller critters and fish would love the latest in aquariums with an incandescent light source, while rabbits and birds might love a new cage accessory they can also munch on.

Smart Home Solutions and Lifestyle Gifts


The global pandemic has taught us that our homes are more important than ever. From the places we work, learn, and hang out with family members and pets, they are the one place we can go to tune the world out and the place we rely upon to stay connected.

For this reason, if you have a homeowner on your list, a great gift idea could be a Savant home automation system. Savant has made home automation easy since 2005, with whole-home commands available via remotes, touch screens, and voice prompts. Savant can seamlessly connect with your phone to give you complete control over your home with a single app. This superior technology allows you and your home to function in total harmony. What is a better gift for a homeowner there than that?

Other great home and lifestyle gifts to consider could be outdoor furniture for that backyard oasis, gardening tools, and the best technology for streaming popular apps like Netflix.

The Gift of Travel


With so much time at home during the pandemic, so many people are looking to get back to traveling and other events they had to put off. If you have a family member or loved one with wanderlust, the gift of travel could be a unique way to get them back on track. Consider airline tickets, trips, or RV rentals as great gifts for the person in your life who loves to travel. If you love traveling, you might even be able to go with them and give the additional gift of making memories together.

In the end, finding a unique gift for someone you love, no matter how quirky they are, can be easy with the help of the internet. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and get to Google searching by your loved one’s interest. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself with a variety of options on the best gift for that person you love.