What to Look for In Your Next Apartment

What to Look for In Your Next Apartment

In today’s real estate market, apartment living is more popular than ever. Many single young professionals and families alike find the simplicity of an apartment as their new home a good alternative to the responsibilities of maintaining an entire house. However, choosing the right apartment can have its own share of research and due diligence.

For example, you need to ask yourself a number of important questions. Should you look for an unfurnished or furnished apartment? What should you look for in a moving company when it comes to professionalism and the protection of your family’s belongings? Here, we will look at those important aspects of apartment living, and what you should look for in your next apartment.

Choosing the Right Movers


When planning your relocation into a new apartment, your first order of business will be choosing the right moving company. Knowledgeable staff and years of experience are important prerequisites. For example, the Maryland-based 495 Movers exclusively employ dedicated full-time office staff, as well as customer service agents and hands-on movers. If this is your first move, keep in mind that upfront pricing can be a huge asset when researching the moving industry for the first time.

The accessible office staff is another major benefit for you and your family when planning a move into a new home, as well as the moving company’s willingness to provide an initial quote for the full, hands-on relocation process. Be sure to look for hidden charges and a willingness to work with your preferred move schedule, as well. With that in mind, working alongside your movers when physically taking your packed belongings and household goods from one home to the other can be an easy, stress-free experience with the right moving team. Combined with no-hassle pricing, choosing the right movers can truly be the ultimate stress-free relocation experience for you and your family.

Interior Renovations

Once you’ve found both your apartment and your moving company, there are some important, yet fun, decisions to consider for your new apartment’s interior. If you’ve opted to move into an unfurnished apartment, you may have the option of having your new living space renovated or professionally painted. In some instances of unfurnished dwellings, a new paint job is needed and can add a whole new, beautiful look to space. In that instance, choosing the right painting company is as important as selecting the right movers. Crash of Rhinos Painting in Phoenix, Arizona, for example, is a company that not only provides apartment painting services but can fix chipping or fading in stucco, as well as prepping and re-painting for older homes. At crashofrhinospainting.com, the company explains how their full-service offerings are the ideal types of solutions for new homeowners opting for unfurnished apartments as their new home.

Depending upon the apartment complex that you’re moving into, the on-site office manager may be able to recommend companies for both moving, as well as for needed interior painting and renovations. With the apartment complex’s referral, you may be able to obtain a company to do an awesome job and at a good price as well. If your new apartment’s management company has a list of service providers, it may be well-worth the effort to start your research there. You may end up with a lot of savings, as well as a streamlined process in getting your renovations completed prior to your move.

Furnished Apartments and Your Needs


Currently, one of the most popular options for those looking for a new home are furnished apartments. Unlike an unfurnished alternative, a furnished apartment has the incredible convenience of having each needed piece of furniture that a tenant will require already included in the lease. Necessities such as the sofa, chairs, bed, tables, and nightstands are all in-place when a new family moves in. For example, House Stay is a popular company that offered completely furnished temporary housing solutions that are ideal for families in the middle of major moves from one house to another. However, there are also similar solutions that are excellent for permanent residences. Following the proper background checks, such fully-furnished apartment facilities can do a great job in providing every necessity that your family would need.

There is always the chance that you’re moving from a larger house into an apartment as your new home. This could mean that your family has accumulated many personal belongings and household goods that could prove overwhelming in a smaller apartment space. Many excellent furnished apartment firms are aware of such an issue, and their office staff will be able to make proper recommendations for various storage solutions to help your family find the needed extra space. Often, there are storage units in the apartment building already, or an affiliate storage facility nearby. As a new tenant, you may qualify for discounts, or the option to add protection to included storage solutions within your leasing agreement.