5 Luxury Home Amenities You Can Save On

5 Luxury Home Amenities You Can Save On

We spend a lot of time in our homes, so it‘s no surprise we want them to be as luxurious as possible. Homeowners don’t have to be tremendously wealthy to bring a bit of opulence to their personal space, though. With some research and at-home effort, an assortment of luxury home amenities can be yours on any budget.

Buying a new home or upgrading your current living space, you can enjoy a backyard patio or well-stocked kitchen without breaking the bank, giving you the house of your dreams with impressively low costs.

1. An Outdoor Living Space


A beautiful patio or lush backyard doesn’t have to be a fantasy. You can create the outdoor space of your dreams and be ready to entertain or enjoy some alone time amidst the fresh air. An outdoor living kitchen is an exceptionally luxurious detail that can transform your outdoor space into a true oasis.

Take some time to test out a patio and grill in your existing outdoor living area and, if you love it as much as you expect to, look into a more permanent outdoor kitchen. Your outdoor space will quickly become the best way to entertain your friends and family and, should you decide to sell your house at a later point, its curb appeal will skyrocket.

2. A Personal Library


You’ve drooled over the castle library in Beauty and the Beast since you were a child, but you don’t have to long for your own home library any longer. Upfront, take some time to consider the necessary amenities and prioritize your options. If you’re fond of sprawling out to enjoy a good book, you might browse carpet samples until you find some flooring that seems to be made for afternoon reading, but worry less about conventional seating.

Conversely, if you’re not focused on the leather-bound aesthetic of some libraries, you can save even more by opting for used books! Even homeowners who aren’t voracious readers can appreciate the prestige of a personal library, perfected from the flooring to the books in your curated collection, new or vintage.

3. A Den or Office


A dedicated den or office space is a luxury reserved for C-level employees bringing work home with them and grandfathers retired from a successful corporate career throughout most of pop culture. In actuality, though, a den or office is a home amenity that’s accessible for nearly any homeowner. Take advantage of the carpet samples from your library renovation, then choose the right desk, shelving, and other furnishings for your den.

Opt for second-hand pieces to save a little extra and, again, prioritize the aspects that are most essential to you and adjust your budget accordingly. For the ultimate office experience, you can even purchase a water cooler and water jug delivery, taking time to relax and hydrate between projects and to-dos.

4. A Home Gym


Would you rather pay a never-ending string of monthly membership fees to a fitness center or invest in a gym you can enjoy from the comfort of your home? Second-hand fitness equipment can be found at a low cost, while salvage and overstock shops will often add workout machines to their inventory.

Focus your funds on the crucial pieces, then opt for budget-friendly versions of items you’ll use less frequently. Add a water dispenser or stock of water bottles to create an even more luxurious home gym experience. All the while, you’ll be saving money on the cost of typical gym fees.

5. A Walk-In Closet


You don’t need to be Reese Witherspoon to emulate her beautiful walk-in closet. If you have a room that’s too small for most purposes, you can create a whole new space with an assortment of shelving and other amenities.

Alternatively, you can expand an existing closet to craft one that stores even the most extensive wardrobe. Want to save even more on your dreamy walk-in closet? Consider whether a weatherproof shed or similar option will increase your storage space on a budget. Then, for an experience that’s even more frugal, take some time to purge any clothes and accessories you don’t wear and sell or consign them. Then, you can use those extra funds to build the closet you crave!

With some thought, planning, and work, you can create the luxurious home you once thought could never become a reality. You don’t need to be rich to create an outdoor kitchen for entertaining guests, rooms of plush carpeting, and even a steady stream of spring water to ensure you stay hydrated as you work in your den, work out in your home gym, or page through books in your library.

Believe it or not, you can bring some of the best luxury home amenities to your own home, no matter where you live or how tight your budget is. In some cases, you may even make some extra money along the way.