Why Realtors Have to Dress to Impress

Why Realtors Have to Dress to Impress

There might not be a chapter on fashion in the book of real estate fundamentals, but most realtors dress to impress. Most real estate professionals forgo casual shoes like sneakers in favor of loafers or heels, even if they are close friends with their clients.

Dressing up is rarely optional in the real estate profession. However, few people ever talk about why. Here are a few reasons why a quality wardrobe is essential if you are helping clients buy or sell their homes.

The need to prove their industry knowledge.

Oftentimes, buyers and sellers only see the easy side of real estate. They watch their brokers make cookies or take photos to make a property more appealing. They think the hardest part of being a real estate agent is the negotiation. However, there is so much more to do behind the scenes.

Most real estate agents don’t work normal business days. They spend nights and weekends fighting for their clients and trying to move a sale through. In fact, most people don’t know how to get a real estate license in Washington or any other state, but obtaining a real estate license is a very involved pursuit. There are background checks and strict education requirements that end in a final exam. If they want their profession respected then they need to look the part. A well-dressed real estate professional lets buyers know they are more than just a salesperson, they are an expert in their field.

They represent their clients.

Could you imagine hiring a lawyer who looked disheveled and casual in court? It sends a message that your case isn’t important and the judge doesn’t need your respect. Brokers dress to impress for the same reason lawyers do. They represent your interests as long as you want to buy or sell a property. They want to look their best to show that they are serious about helping you buy a great place for yourself and your family.

There is also an element of reciprocity in dressing up. When some people in your field start to dress nicely, others follow. Soon it becomes an industry standard where everyone tries to look their best.

Fortunately, looking good isn’t that expensive. Most real estate brokers have a few suits minimum and multiple accessories to dress them up. It’s also possible to find affordable shoes online so brokers can find professional sandals and heels without breaking the bank.

They need to stand out.

When the real estate market is hot, the average home listing will have multiple bids. Some of these bids might have the same sale price and requirements, which makes it hard to tell one offer from the next. To stand out, realtors rely on a variety of factors. They constantly network with other brokers and build personal connections with them. They try to talk about their buyers to explain why they are the best choice for the house. They also dress to impress.

A well-dressed real estate agent will be more memorable and impressive than someone who blends in. A sharp suit or unique dress can attract attention. When realtors follow up with a potential seller about a bid, the broker will remember which realtor they spoke to because of their impeccable fashion sense.

While many realtors go above and beyond in the footwear department, you shouldn’t hire someone based on what they wear. Make sure you check the broker’s license before you ask them to help with your purchase. You can also request additional information like customer referrals and a list of properties they have sold to make sure they have the experience you need. The coursework and broker’s exam ensure only the best people become realtors, but you still need to do your research.