5 Things You Can Do To Treat Yourself Better

5 Things You Can Do To Treat Yourself Better

Every day, you are your harshest critic. You push yourself to do better, be smarter, and look prettier, noticing even the smallest imperfections that no one else does or cares about. It’s time to put these harsh thoughts aside and practice some self-care. Take a few minutes — or a few days — to focus on why you love yourself and all the great things your body can do. Follow these five tips to treat yourself better.

1. Get a manicure or haircut.

Show love to yourself by getting a spa treatment that can also make you look amazing. If you haven’t sat in the salon chair for a while or visited any of the nail salons nearby, then it’s time to spend an afternoon caring for you.

Visiting these places is an act of self-care. You are investing in your body and making it feel good as a stylist runs their hands through your hair or a manicurist massages your hands. Plus, after you leave, you will have fresh nails from your mani-pedi or a haircut that makes you feel six inches taller.

2. Practice saying “no.”

Everyone needs to set boundaries for what they are willing to do and not do. However, these boundaries are difficult for some people to build, especially when they don’t want to let their friends down or perform poorly at work.

Establish limits on what you are willing to do and take steps to enforce them. For example, decide that you are only willing to work late twice per week. Set a plan to help a friend out on Saturday but then set aside time for yourself on Sunday. Setting these boundaries will help you learn to value yourself and respect your own time.

3. Meet with a nutritionist.

The food you put into your body can affect how you feel about yourself and impact your ability to function at your best. One way to practice self-care is to meet with a dietary specialist who can help you improve your overall diet. They might recommend a few small changes — like adding protein to your breakfast or eating more vegetables — or suggest nutritional products that help with stress, like CBD miracle gummies. CBD products can help to alleviate occasional anxiousness or an overly active mind.

Over time, these dietary changes may give you more energy and confidence in yourself.

4. Treat yourself to small items each month.

You can still treat yourself even if you are on a budget or have a packed schedule. Look for little ways to be gentle with yourself through acts of caring. This could mean adding a small pint of ice cream to your grocery list or buying a new pair of shoes ahead of a job interview. These are small rewards that will make you happy at the moment but won’t cost too much time or money. Even a small gift can have a big impact on your mental health.

5. Challenge negative thoughts.

Throughout the day, your inner critic is likely to tell you that you’re not good enough or that there are countless problems that you need to fix. It’s up to you to stop these negative voices. The next time you have a bad thought about yourself, counter it with two to three positive ones. For example, if you look in the mirror and criticize your smile, comment on your nice eyes and beautiful hair. Over time, you can start listening to positive thoughts instead.

Whether you plan to head to the salon for a manicure or just want to buy a new book or outfit that you have had your eye one, take time to treat yourself with the love you deserve and watch how your life improves because of it.