5 Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit

5 Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is one of the most underrated articles of clothing. Not only is it incredibly versatile and a ringer for flash events, but if you pair it with sandals or jackets, you’re ready for a night out or the beach. You can wear a romper just about anywhere as long as you know how to style it.

However, too many up-and-coming fashionistas tend to avoid the jumpsuit because of some interesting necklines and torso proportions. If you’ve always wanted to rock a cute romper but you’re not sure how, here are five key ways.

1. Style it for a cocktail party.

While cocktail dresses will never go out of style, jumpsuits are quickly becoming more and more popular, especially for petite women. Of course, many petites worry about looking like a little kid in a jumpsuit, but you shouldn’t worry. The inseam of a petite jumpsuit is perfectly measured to give you legs for days. Petite size jumpsuits are constantly seeing new arrivals from major brands so it’s always worth a look. Just Google “petite jumpsuit black” to get some perfect style ideas. Some pops of color or metallic jewelry will ensure that you look classy and not overstated at any cocktail party.

2. Dress it up for a formal event.

Whether you’re going to a wedding or a work outing, many exclusive brands are getting involved in the jumpsuit game. Finding the right jumpsuit means looking for higher-end fabrics like satins and silks. Check out some of your favorite brands’ best sellers to look out for new arrivals and clearance items to add to your wardrobe. For a petite woman, choose flattering colors that accentuate your skin tone and work with your shorter torso. A petite romper can look incredibly professional if you style it the right way.

3. Look sexy for a date night.

While dresses are often the go-to for date nights, a jumpsuit can leave an equally sexy impression. You don’t even have to overspend on exclusive brands to get ready for a date. Many sites offer flash events and free shipping that will help you snag eyecatching looks at a fraction of their normal prices. While regular size rompers may be easier to find, petite sizes are often on sale too. Just make sure to check your confirmation email to ensure that you’ve ordered the perfect size. When it comes to date night, always remember that black and lacy is a surefire winner. When paired with complementary jackets, you look just right for your night on the town.

4. Get active.

Jumpsuits aren’t just for looking model-ready at a moment’s notice. If you look for the right active shop, you can find a jumpsuit that will help you get up, out, and active in style. Look for a romper in a breathable fabric and opt for something that prevents sweat. It’ll help you feel fresh and fabulous no matter how intense your workout is. Many active shop brands have clearance sales and flash events each season to clear out old stock when the new arrivals come in.

5. Treat yourself to brunch.

A jumpsuit is perfect for a calm, relaxing weekend brunch with your friends. Try something in a bold print or color and pair it with a casual sneaker, sandals, or a cute jacket. This will help you look chic while you’re ordering a mimosa with the gals. Plus, while the jumpsuit can easily seem “lazy,” it’s a lower effort outfit that still looks cute and put-together.

While the jumpsuit may seem intimidating, it’s one of the easiest ways to keep yourself looking classy without breaking the bank or staring at yourself in the mirror for too long. All body shapes, from petite to plus-size women, can rock the jumpsuit. It’s one style trend that’s here to stay.