5 Ways to Make Your Girl Feel Special

5 Ways to Make Your Girl Feel Special

Do you think you have found “the one” and are looking for ways to make your girl feel special? Are you worried that intelligent, beautiful women like her don’t come around often and want to hold onto her? There are many ways you can make your lady feel special, seen, and loved. Gifts don’t always have to come in the form of a physical present either. Shower her with your time and attention, showing your girl that she is understood, cared for, and protected.

1. Small acts of thoughtfulness go far

Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot to win a girl’s heart. Often the little things mean the most. Hold the door for her, call her after an interview, or leave her a note for when she wakes up. Did she have a bad day? Make a trip to the liquor store and bring her favorite wine home for her to enjoy. You’ll show her that you not only remember her favorite wine but that you went out of your way to get it for her. If you’re handy in the kitchen, make her favorite meal to go with the red wine you picked up and have date night at home (Italian and red wine normally go great together, FYI).

2. Take her on an adventure

Life can get busy. Without you realizing it, work and chores can start to take up most of your week. Making time for your partner is one of the most important things you can do. Rather than do your same weekend routine of Netflix and chill, carve out time to focus on just the two of you in a way that feels more special and spontaneous. Surprise your lucky lady with an adventure she will love and remember for a long time. You can take her on a day trip out of town or go on a hike through the mountains and have a picnic in secluded meadow.

Better yet? Take a week off and surprise her with a vacation to somewhere she has never been before but has been dreaming of visiting. Whether you are wine tasting in Tuscany, museum and cafe hopping in Paris, or relaxing on beaches in sunny Mexico, seek out experiences that will help you create memories together that she won’t soon forget.

3. Tell her all the things you love about her

Sure, girls do love to hear that you think they are beautiful, pretty, and attractive. But girls are much more than their physical characteristics. Tell your girl all the other things you find attractive about her. Her sense of humor, her compassion, that she is loving, considerate, curious, driven, and outspoken. Be specific. These attributes let her know your attraction runs much deeper than just the physical side.

4. Be present and listen

More important than any material object you can give your girl is your attention and listening ear. Sometimes the simplest thing you can do to make your woman feel special is to be present. Women love to be seen, heard, and understood, especially by their partner. Listen to her when she’s had a rough day and talk her through difficult decisions. Make her feel like she has someone she can go to to share her victories and her uncertainties. For many women, expressing themselves through talking about their thoughts and emotions is how they function. This can also both intimate and vulnerable, so by listening and reciprocating with honesty, you will make her feel loved and supported.

5. Focus on her in bed

Your intimate relationship is just as important as the other aspects to your partnership. Putting time and effort to keep the spark alive is essential. This is how you connect on a more intimate level than you do with anyone else. Looking to mix it up? Consider checking out PUATraining for some tricks and ideas for how to please your woman. Keeping things new and exciting is key to preventing yourself from always falling into the same routine. One place you can start? Learning just what turns your girl on. Make her feel comfortable and spend time to focus exclusively on her. This will make her feel special and seen in more ways than one.