Easy Does It: 5 Lucrative, Easy-to-Start Businesses

Easy Does It: 5 Lucrative, Easy-to-Start Businesses

Going into business is a dream that a lot of Americans share, but many people aren’t sure what kind of business to open. There are the worries that all of the good business ideas are taken and the competition is too stiff, but you can’t let those things stop you.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but you’re only one good idea away from becoming your own boss and achieving financial freedom. As long as you’re willing to invest in yourself and put in the necessary work, you can build a successful company. Continue reading to get some ideas for businesses that are easy to start.

Used Car Dealership

Whenever you start a business, you need to think of what people need most because business is all about solving problems. One lucrative business venture you could take on is used car sales.

Automobiles are a necessity for most people in the United States, and they’re only becoming more necessary as cities grow and expand. Many people prefer used cars rather than new ones because they’re less expensive. They’re also much cheaper for dealers than new cars.

You can find quality used vehicles at an auto auction for wholesale prices and resell them at retail value. You don’t have to start off with a lot full of cars. You can start by just purchasing a few vehicles and placing them on display in your own yard if you have space for them. From there, you can build up to a full-sized lot.

Virtual Call Center

One of the best ways to build a profitable business is to provide a service that other businesses need. It’s a way to make sure your company has long-term streams of revenue, and you’ll be dealing with larger transactions than when selling to individuals.

Customer service is integral to the success of any business, and companies are willing to pay you for customer relations solutions. Software developers like Bright Pattern create virtual call centers that are accessible via cloud technology.

You won’t need to build a brick-and-mortar call center. You simply need to get access to the program and hire staff. They’ll be able to provide call-center solutions remotely from their homes using voice over internet protocol. Virtual contact center software also allows you to monitor the quality of calls using call center QA.

Boat Cleaning

If you have experience cleaning boats, then it’s an easy and lucrative industry to go into. One of the best things about going into that field is that you won’t have to worry about high overhead costs. Most of your operational expenses will be cleaning supplies, and you won’t even need a facility of your own unless you decide to expand.

For this business idea to work, you will have to be willing to put in some footwork. The best ways to drum up some business are to offer your services to a marina or go door-to-door in neighborhoods on or close to water.

As you attract clients, be sure to keep track of your obligations and give them the best possible customer service. Satisfied customers will do most of your advertising for you!

Pet Sitting/Grooming/Dog Walking

Are you an animal lover with an entrepreneurial spirit? There are a lot of pet-related businesses that you can start with little or no capital.

The easiest pet service to get into is dog walking. To be a dog walker, all you need is an affinity for dogs, time on your hands, and patience.

If you’re a nurturer with that magical touch that puts animals at ease, then you should consider becoming a pet sitter or groomer. If you don’t mind opening your home up to other people’s fur buddies, then you won’t even need to purchase or rent a separate facility.