An At-Home Maintenance Checklist

An At-Home Maintenance Checklist

For some people, a new house may be preferable to purchase than an existing house. With a new home, buyers may have the home builders customize the property before its completion, giving it personal touches and suit their preferences and comfort levels.

Furthermore, new houses generally have more energy efficiency than older homes, as they utilize improved building materials. If a new home is more appealing to you, but you’re unsure how to navigate the home buying process during the ongoing health crisis, consider building your own home. If you have your own land and enough square feet to construct a comfortably sized custom home, consider building a house on new land.

With a new home comes new homeowner responsibilities. One crucial commitment is home maintenance. Following a maintenance checklist of the home improvement acts listed below can keep your home’s comfort levels high and keep it running smoothly.

1. Have your cooling and heating systems inspected to ensure they’re good to go.

Your heating and cooling systems need regular care to stay in top condition, so contacting professional HVAC technicians to inspect your HVAC system frequently can enable you to avoid long term issues with your heater and air conditioner. Regular maintenance and repairs to your air conditioning and heating system are essential because the evenness of cooling and heating can impact how comfortable you and your family are inside your home during the heat of summer and the winter months.

Furthermore, calling on heating and cooling experts to clean your heater, air conditioner, and filters can improve your home’s air quality, preventing the air you breathe at home from making you sick.

HVAC specialists can replace outdated heating and air conditioning systems and provide expert installation of a new air conditioner, heat pump, furnace, and thermostat, extending your air conditioner’s life.

2. Check your plumbing system often.

Clean, working water is crucial in every household so residents can be safe and healthy as they complete essential tasks like showering, brushing their teeth, washing their hair, washing the dishes, and cooking. Homeowners should watch out for any dirt or impurities that could contaminate their water supply, as well as watch for leaks, low water pressure, clogged water disposals, slow drains, and other indicators of plumbing problems. Water damage, especially if it’s severe, can ruin your roof, furniture, and flooring, so homeowners must have their plumbing system professionally inspected often to prevent problems from occurring.

3. Regularly clean and sanitize surfaces inside your home.

Disinfecting your home has always been an effective way to keep from getting sick, but it’s especially essential now amid the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis. For thorough cleanliness, wipe down and disinfect surfaces in your bathroom, wash the bathtubs and showers, clean the toilet, and sanitize the sink. Wiping down kitchen counters, tables, and sinks and cleaning out the refrigerator can increase the home’s cleanliness as well.

Dusting is a necessary chore that can contribute to how clean your home is and benefit your health. It’s essential to remove dust from your home as often as possible because dust can aggravate health conditions like allergies or asthma.

Moreover, accumulated dust can keep smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors from working correctly, so keeping your home dust-free allows you to maintain such sensors better. Other tasks to add to your home maintenance checklist include mopping the floors and vacuuming the carpet.

4. Wash, paint, and refresh your home’s exterior.


Homeowners should include exterior maintenance acts on their checklist. Pressure washing mold, dirt, and grime away from your property and freshening up the paint can increase its curb appeal—its general attractiveness people can see when viewing it from the street—and home value. Taking care of your home by following a maintenance checklist and utilizing professional technicians when necessary are crucial steps to making your dream home a reality.