Home Improvement Ideas That Increase the Value of Your Home

Home Improvement Ideas That Increase the Value of Your Home

Whether you’re a new homeowner or you bought your home several years ago, it’s always a good idea to spend some time on home improvement projects. Updating your living room design, fixing a leaky roof, and adding new accessories to your bathroom will increase the value of your home.

It’s a good idea to continue maintaining and updating your home even after you finish your home improvement projects. Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom and then allowing faucets to rust and appliances to fall into a state of disrepair will mean you have to spend more on the next update. The more you focus on maintenance and upkeep, the smaller your home improvement projects will be in the future. If you’re a beginner with home improvement, here’s a starter guide to some of the best home improvement projects.

Add some greenery.


Most homeowners in the U.S. would pay extra taxes to have the city plant trees near their homes since it increases their value. So, why not do the same on your property as well? A little greenery can help increase the value of your home by a lot. It also lends aesthetic value and helps you conserve energy by providing enough shade to help cool your home.

You can begin with small outdoor plants, or a few shrubs, and small trees. If you don’t want to start digging up your garden before you learn how to care for a plant, consider potted plants. Update your interiors as well, with indoor plants like succulents or pretty fresh flowers. You can drive to a nursery or find a house plant delivery service to look through your options and pick the perfect plants for your space.

Update your bathroom.


You don’t have to remodel your bathroom to increase its value. If it’s still in perfect condition, update the fixtures and add new accessories. Consider installing new flooring, add some waterproof wallpaper to your walls, or give it a fresh coat of paint. You can also update doors and windows to make your bathroom look updated.

Whether you’re going all-in or picking one or two things, a bathroom remodel doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can tackle most of these projects without expert help, including updating faucets and showerheads or adding new towel racks. For more labor-intensive tasks, several home remodeling companies offer affordable services so you can replace things like shower doors without spending a fortune.

Focus on the exterior.

Curb appeal is a crucial way to determine the value of a home. If your home’s exterior is in a state of disarray, the value of your home decreases by a significant amount. Landscaping, outdoor plants, trees, and shrubs can help, but that’s not enough to increase its value.

As a homeowner, ensure you’re maintaining the exterior structure of your home well. Focusing on one major remodeling project every few years is a great option. Consider everything from roofing to structural changes, depending on what you can afford. The best place to start is with DIY projects that you can do yourself. Add a fresh coat of paint, clean your gutters, and replace your front door. This way, you can save enough to get a remodeling company or builder to focus on more significant projects like the roof or any other structural renovations.

Don’t forget the kitchen.


You may think that your living room and bedroom are a great place for your remodeling plans, but don’t forget about your kitchen. Many buyers look for updated kitchen cabinets, accessories, and fixtures when buying a home. They prefer to spend their money updating bedrooms and living rooms to suit their style instead. So, a great place to start your home renovation is your kitchen.

Like your bathroom remodel, a kitchen remodel doesn’t have to involve a contractor and design team. You can start with small changes, like making sure your appliances are of the highest quality. Fix faulty pipes, install new windows, or add new kitchen furnishings to make it look like a brand new space.

Tear down some walls.

It sounds like a scary project, but this is an easy way to increase your home’s value without a big remodel. Homes that appear more spacious are more valuable, so opening up some space in yours is a great option. A more open-plan will look bigger, let in more natural light, and give you more room to decorate in a range of styles.

Consider tearing down the wall between your kitchen and dining room, and eliminate unnecessary passageways. It’s a good idea to consult a builder or remodeling company before you begin a project like this, so you don’t accidentally tear down any load-bearing walls.