How to Use Your Social Media Presence to Sell Pet Products

How to Use Your Social Media Presence to Sell Pet Products

Are you a pet parent who has an active social media presence? Most pet owners find themselves on their favorite platforms daily to share pictures and give updates on their favorite companions. Does the idea of making extra money while sharing your pet with the world sound good to you? If so, using your social media presence to sell pet products may be a practical solution to your cash flow needs. Here are a few ways you can combine these two loves to become a powerhouse in the sales world.

How to find the right starting place.


When combining your love of animals with your desire to become a pet product salesperson, it may be difficult to know where to get started. When setting out on a new venture in sales, it is important to do a bit of basic research first. You want to get involved with a company that is respected in the pet industry. For pet parents, it’s also important to connect with companies that strive to provide only the best supplements and pet nutrition products available. As a fellow pet parent, other pet owners will look to you for confirmation on the safety and basic scientific research associated with the products you’re selling.

A bit of fundamental research will lead you down a path to numerous companies dedicated to pets and their well being. Companies such as Applied Basic Science who offer organic pet CBD oil and supplements are one of the most popular pet care companies in the United States. These pet products are a great starting point to help you on your way to selling on social media. Their CBD products are intended to help pets reduce the pain they go through due to arthritis, inflammation, and in some cases, epilepsy or other disorders with seizures. When becoming part of a team like Applied Basic Science, it is important to become knowledgeable about the products you are sharing with the world to ensure you have the best information for other pet owners.

Working for two companies is a smart idea.

In the world of social media sales, it’s important to have a broad range of products to offer pet owners. Being a Paw Tree pet consultant is another way to reach your money goals by promoting and selling products to help animals. With the direct sales opportunities offered by PawTree, pet owners can easily open a new account and get started on a new sales journey. The vast number of products available through this company can easily give you the launching platform you need to become a top PawTree consultant. Their trustworthy pet foods and supplements will leave you feeling great about each sale you make to friends.

Stay active on your social media accounts.


Yes, your social media account is intended for sharing your life with family and friends, but when you enter the world of direct sales, things change just a bit. As a pet parent, your furry friends already have their own web presence on your platforms. Making the move to using those platforms for sales isn’t too different. Speak about specific problems pets and their owners may experience, then share solutions and how your products can improve the lives of pets. This will get your posts noticed quickly, and in most cases, get the sales rolling in.

When using your social media for sales, it’s also important you maintain your activity. People may not interact with every post you make, but if you stay consistent, they will know who to turn to when their pets are in need. Always share breakthroughs in veterinarian medicine or clinical trial applied research. This helps keep your page up to date on all the latest pet health news and information while also letting your clients know the best products and medications for their pets’ wellbeing.

Leaping into the world of sales can be a bit scary. Take your time, build your social media presence, and promote products you would feel safe using for your own pet. This is the best way to build your business and earn the commission you’ve been hoping for.