4 Healthcare Careers Worth Pursuing

4 Healthcare Careers Worth Pursuing

Healthcare is a huge industry around the globe that continues to grow every day. This is a professional industry designed for workers who are passionate about learning, research, and, most of all, helping people. Staying healthy and fighting off disease is a top priority for so many people around the world. As a doctor, nurse, researcher, or any healthcare professional, you play a major role in helping your patients overcome viruses or chronic illness. You’re changing lives and helping people through some tough times. What could be more important work than that?

You know you want to work in healthcare, but you’re not really sure where to go next. With so many areas and fields within healthcare, there are so many options of ways you could get involved. It comes down to your skill-set and how much school and training you are willing to go through. Specialized doctors are in school for almost a decade before they are allowed to practice medicine, whereas other healthcare professions allow you to get into the field much quicker. You determine your progress and what area you’d like to work in. As the healthcare landscape also changes, different areas and industries are more up and coming, which can be interesting careers to pursue. Here are a few paths you could go down as you’re looking for your ideal career in healthcare.

Lab Researcher

The medical world certainly has come a long way, plus, discoveries are being made every day. If you are interested in researching and finding solutions to problems, you may do well as a medical researcher or lab assistant. This career involves time in a lab testing hypotheses and trying to develop new treatments and solutions to health-related problems. You would be working to improve the quality of life around the world. You’ll also work to find new treatments for chronic conditions, heart disease, inflammation, and autoimmune diseases. Those individuals dealing with chronic diease management are eager for solutions and treatments that you can help uncover. With the help of recent studies, you’ll be able to put new medications and treatments into the hospitals near you to offer relief for chronic disease sufferers.

Becoming a lab researcher also gives you the opportunity to specialize in specific areas. For example, individuals working on myocarditis research are looking into heart health and inflammation of that organ. Research can also bring light to certain issues. What was first thought of as simple chest pain may well be a more serious case of chronic myocarditis or coronary artery disease. Sometimes there are infections and issues you won’t even know about until you start researching them.

If this seems like a career for you, know that it doesn’t take as much schooling as you may think. A majority of lab technicians and researchers hold a bachelor’s degree, but a smaller fraction went on to pursue a master’s or higher. You’ll need practical experience as well as you look to start in the field. Overall, if you are analytical and observational, this should be a good career option for you.


It’s impossible to look at chronic conditions without bringing up cancer. Cancer is a deadly disease that affects millions of people around the world. The medical community is working hard to fight off cancer cells with new therapies and treatments to help immune cells fight these unwelcome guests. If working in this field sounds like a worthwhile cause, you may be interested in pursuing a career in oncology.

Oncologists are in the business of treating tumors. You have the opportunity to work with a wide array of cancer patients from those with oral cancer, breast cancer, or melanoma. You’ll get to work with individuals at all levels of their treatment plan. From cancer treatment in Manchester, CT to wherever you may end up, you’ll have the power to show great care while individuals at the cancer center go through one of the hardest times of their life. You’ll have a say in the treatment pathway and health outcomes. This is a job for compassionate individuals passionate about helping patients, even when there isn’t much to be done.

Now, this path will require more schooling. Becoming an oncologist will require you to go to medical school and spend many years in residency. This is a career for individuals who are not deterred by years of school.

Healthcare Facilities Managers

At their core, healthcare facilities and hospitals are buildings and businesses. If you’re looking to work in the healthcare field but have less of an interest in the medical side of things, you may be able to pursue a career as a healthcare facilities manager. These individuals will work more closely with WorkBoard INC systems for objectives and key results or team management. A facilities manager is responsible for everything that goes on in the hospital that doesn’t have to do direct medical care. They organize activities for adult patients and older adults. You would play an important role in patient education and keeping the healthcare system running smoothly.

This is a role that requires basic organizational skills and a bachelor’s degree. But if you’re looking to work around healthcare but not directly with patient care, this is critical to keeping the healthcare facility operational.


Some of the frontline workers in any healthcare location are your nurses. This can be a great profession to pursue if you enjoy creating relationships with patients and working on the front lines. There are many opportunities with nursing, as well. You can choose to work as a travel nurse, administer chemotherapy, help with cardiogenic shock patients, or work in the emergency room. This career usually requires a bachelor’s degree. Still, if you’d like to go on to further schooling, you may also consider pursuing a career as a nurse practitioner with a little more power and responsibility. Overall, this is a great career for compassionate and ready individuals to treat their patients with great care. Healthcare can be a rewarding field. With so many career paths, you must choose the right one.