Ways To Improve Foreplay in Long-Term Relationships

Ways To Improve Foreplay in Long-Term Relationships

Even in the best relationships, things can get boring. But by making a few easy changes, you can easily add some spice back into your sex life. By taking more time with foreplay and being open-minded about enhancement products, roleplay, sex games, and more, you can bring some heat back to the bedroom in no time. If you’re in a long-term relationship and want to reignite the passion, read on.

Performance Enhancers


A great way to switch things up is to be open-minded when it comes to products. From supplements that will help you learn how to cum more or to last longer to adult toys and props like toy ropes and handcuffs, a great way to get your foreplay moving in a new direction is to shop.

Maybe you’ve been together so long that, while you love each other, sex has become more of a chore. If your sex drive is down or you’re wondering if your testosterone levels are off, a male enhancement pill might help. For women, estrogen pills are available to help with libido, sexual function, and energy levels.

While some people don’t have issues with sexual performance and are skeptical about why they’d want or need vitamins or performance supplements, the reality is that there are many pills on the market that are made of all-natural ingredients set only to help you with arousal. The best way to find out if they might make a difference is to try them. The worst thing that could really happen is a bigger erection or better endurance.



You don’t need a massive lifestyle change to make great progress in the bedroom. Start with being open-minded. While some women often worry they have to act like a porn star, something as simple as a little roleplay or a sexy new DDD bra might be enough to get things moving in the right direction. The easiest way to get started with roleplay is to have an honest conversation with your partner. Ask them about fantasies and see what types of roleplay or other games they might be up for.

Maybe you’ve always fantasized about a sexy French maid doing your cleaning or a firefighter to rescue you from a burning building. While it may sound silly, trying those roles on with something as simple as flirtatious messages and exchanges could be a great way to heat things up again. Even that conversation might teach you something new about your partner you’ve never been aware of before.

If roleplay seems like too far of a leap for you and your partner, consider watching adult movies with similar themes with your partner for ideas around new things you could try. Sometimes, it’s easier to mimic than to come up with an idea on your own. And while a new routine might take some adjustment time, you may find out it’s exactly what you need to improve your long-term sex life.

Sex Games


If creativity is something you and your partner struggle within the bedroom, a quick Google search for ‘sex games or toys for adults’ might point you in the right direction. The best thing about them is that the variety on the market means something for everyone. From board games that will challenge you to try new things, to books and other products that will get you talking sexually, you’re sure to find something to get you in the mood for better foreplay.



If stress levels have been high at home due to the global pandemic, remote jobs, and restrictions, one way to help you and your partner’s sexual desire for each other is to shut the world out for a moment. Pick one night a week where you and your partner connect on a more intimate level. While you don’t need to set the expectation for intercourse, the night can be romantic with time together in the hot tub or cooking a meal together. Intimate moments can be the first way to get back to a healthy sex life with more exciting foreplay.

In the end, all it really takes is some creativity, an open mind, and some private time with your long-term partner to make your foreplay not only last but better than ever before. This Valentine’s Day, do your relationship a favor and make your sexual health and relationship the priority it deserves.